Transpose, or stop your life.


Cold feet on concrete,
Feel the wind shift each time our eyes meet.

Peculiar emotions sweep over me;
Swoon like we never have experienced before.

I can feel your heart beat,
As you perform your eloquent tune.
Each strum of the strings
Deliver me a form of zen-like bliss.

Stuff that dreams are made of
Are not supposed to appear in our realities…

You are living proof that is simply not a fact.

Like a siren, your voice is seductive…
But never intrusive.

Your words are brutally beautiful
And strike me like an arrow
Into the apple’s core.

I’ve had my eyes fixated on you.

Oh how I pine for just one more moment…
Beside you in time.

The world can’t bring us down if we unite;
Together we could change the world,
Or at least find something worth believing in.

You are my faith,
Elegant perfection —
Sealed in a tragedy.

Give me devotion,
Your affection…

And we’ll flee this place

Nothing can stop us.
Nothing can change our hearts….
Beating in solidarity.


Silhouette dancer
cast your shadow
Silver tongue poet
let your voice bellow
Up from the hollow
with lustful sorrow
Cup full optimist
waiting for tomorrow

Cross my path
Cross your heart
Die together
Fall apart

So much for the pessimist
So much you’ll surely miss
Cancerous venom spit
in darkness comes a candle lit

Hand in hand
Final flight
Last dance
Fatal night

Bitter ceremony
Holy matrimony

Literal consequence
fiction in this chapter
Faulty premonition
Give into my rapture

Wretched letter read
Bitter children fed
Complicated resolution
Final fatal dissolution

Upon the wreckage
you may find your way
Across the valley
To the river Verde

And if your shadow is consumed
By solemn vows
And a desolate moon
Breathe in all this awful lust
Until your body corrodes to dust

Scatter your own ashes
So nothing’s misconstrued
Digging your own grave
To lie into

Subtle lullaby
nimble words
Creep their way
Into my skull

And make this pain
Flee from me
Relieve the ache
my old friend, affliction.

cover up;
has become…


Gravitating with your soul
Closer towards indifference,
a veiled form of sincerity;
Clutched inside an open casket.

as martyrs sing psalms,
They wash away the sin
from your lifeless hands…

All the While,
you’re missing moments —
Corroding without a purpose…

all the world knows
this charade is pointless


poorly planned execution

tainted wine that’s been diluted

arsenic has never tasted so fine

unplugged the tv and pressed rewind

felt your grip loosen as I lost my grasp

suppose that’s what you get

holding onto the past

"yeah, you’ll be alright so long as you don’t mind

giving me your heart, twisting your spine”

cut right there on the dotted line

said it didn’t cost a penny

but the fee was a dime

reached in my pocket

only to find some old lint

passed it to the teller and said

"It seems I’m spent"

she welcomed me inside

as she opened the doors

"hope you enjoy the ride

and appreciate the show”

compassion and naivety

everything in between

no, it’s not like it was before

discretion and sincerity

"tell me what you really mean"

come back before I chose to ignore

everything I expected

was everything I wanted

placed my back against the wall

vulnerable to every word you’d say

denying the possibility

of being brought back to face

emptiness and loneliness

all the time I was forced to waste

oh “you mean the world to me”,

and “you are my everything”

must not have been enough

for your soul apparently 

so you left and abandoned me

made it seem like some tragedy

just shut your mouth

cause I’ve heard this before…

your words are works 

of despair and fiction

so place your book back on the shelf

no one’s gonna buy it anymore 

charcoal bones

hollowed out souls

no reason they survive

with all their vices and woes

but they do

yeah they do

carrying out their mundane lives

busy complaining about the times

always selling their fiction

televising all those lies

and they do

you know it’s true

true as the ocean is blue

you know they do

and you feed into it all

show a little backbone this time

burn that throne of thorns

take pride in everything

in all that you are

in all that you wish to be

show a little sincerity

drown all your misery

just don’t let it take you with it this time

remember me every time you try and forget

lingering around in misery instead

left with those thoughts up inside of your head

the vision of memories you dread

all the people you wish you never had met

all the letters that were better un-read

every lie that you were ever fed

every single word I’ve said



every waking moment

every wretched day

every wasted year



remember me.




It can be


you want

it to be.

a scratch on the lense

or a perfect memory.

you can spend all your days

alone in the cold;

or move toward the sun

where it is warm.

you can lie awake all night

and hit snooze all day long;

abandon certainty

rely on no one.

trust in yourself

and just have some fun;

before it all ends

and it’s all said and done.

my-little-wild-corner asked: Dig your blog a lot man. Thought you should know.

Appreciate it. I just keep it real as much as a white man can.

connive and bribe

your way


my soul

commit to nothing

and learn


let go

conceal your thoughts

from me


never show

confess that apathy

is all 


have known



Life’s only as tragic as you make it.

nicotine stains on your fingertips

stress is eating you alive

though you don’t exist

yet when you’re six feet down

"you’ll surely be missed"

anticipating death

like some new-found bliss

with every single breath 

you gasp and exhale

all your words tethered 

to the lump in your throat

and all of your sorrows

make you start to choke

then they come into a room

and call your name

you know for certain that soon

it’ll be you that they blame

for all the heartache

and all the mistakes

so you cower in shame

forget you have a name

write it all off

like you simply forgot

pretend to be “happy”

when the world knows that you’re not

and when you’re trembling in the cold

six feet deep in the hole

you’ll forfeit your soul

forced to let go

to all that you’ve known

as you play dead

so the world will leave you alone

Found the antidote
locked up
in the cellar.

Pulled the shotgun out
and dug
a grave.

Never know
when it will come.
But when it does,
we’ll be ready.

The temperature spikes —
Our blood
will boil.

Our skin will crawl,
and hairs will stand.

Cause it sounds
Like fun;
Living fast
While you’re young.

promises are rarely kept.

secrets are often told.

lies are always whispered.


it’s been a struggle

but tonight it ends

a thousand days 

in a single thread

stripped away

from the fabric of life

those worn memories


blame it on 


turn your head and pretend

a simple solution

a tragic end

it’s been a fight

but now it will cease

nothing’s coming

so stop waiting


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